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Brands always want a landing page that compels visitors to subscribe a newsletter, fill the registration form or make a purchase. Often, people confuse Landing Page with Home Page. But both are distinctly different. So, what is a Landing Page? It is the first web page that any visitor sees on clicking a promotional email, … Continue reading “Know How to make a Good Landing Page”

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The marketers now have new technologies in their marketing arsenal to reach their targeted customers better. Often a digital marketing campaign is not enough to create a brand image and strengthen its identity. Marketers, nothing to worry- just add Influencer Marketing to your arsenal and see the difference! The recommendation does magic and approval or … Continue reading “An Influencer Marketing Guide for Launching a Powerful Campaign”

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With the popularity of various social media platforms, did you think that email marketing Campaign has taken a nosedive? Perhaps, you were wrong. Email Marketing continues to be an important part of the marketing mix of any organization, irrespective of its nature of business or size. It is an important medium of conveying information to … Continue reading “How to Create Email Marketing Campaign for Your Business that People Actually Click”

Oct 14,2016          Digital Marketing          3 comments

Every day, millions of content- approximately 140 million tweets, 2 million videos and 1.5 billion content, is generated in the online media. Digital marketers have to take special effort to ensure that their content does not get lost in the chaos and it is identified easily by the target audience. If you need a content … Continue reading “7 Reasons you need to know as why use Infographics in Digital Marketing”

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Change is the only constant, but when it is in the layout of the Result Page of Search Engine titan then it is a serious issue of discussion. The year 2016 has witnessed changes in the layout of Google’s Search Engine Result Page or acronym as SERP. The layout tweaks also has effect on the … Continue reading “Latest Google Search Results Change and its Impact that you need to know”