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The success of a mobile app depends on its functionality, performance, and usability. These three factors differentiate a mobile app that sells and one that does not. If you notice, majority negative review of mobile apps highlight the concerns like poor performance, compatibility issues, poor user-experience, functional defects and battery drain. And, these result in … Continue reading “Complete Guide To Effective Mobile App Testing Services”

May 31,2017          Mobile App Development          2 comments

Brands planning to establish their mobile presence prominent either consider mobile websites or mobile apps. There are different debates on the viability of mobile app vs mobile website. It is difficult to pit one against the other and derive a full-proof conclusion. Both are useful and have individual limitations. Few are of the opinion that … Continue reading “Mobile app vs Mobile website : Which is better?”

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You worked hard to make your mobile app perfect and released it ready for download. You got a few downloads initially. A few of your customers who downloaded your app have even deleted it. Now everything seems to be quiet and so you seem to be worried. After all, no download means no money! So, … Continue reading “6 Proven Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail”

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It is a challenge to insist your target audience to download an app and use it regularly. Research findings reveal that almost 20 percent users download an app and use the app just once and there is 95 percent chance that they will abandon the app soon. The success depends on a combination of factors, … Continue reading “How to make Fascinating UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps in 2017”

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Name a thing and you will get a mobile app for it! Does this sound to be a joke, No. It is true, just try typing a keyword, and you will find a relevant mobile application in the app stores. Startups, corporate businesses, across all sectors have realized the importance of mobile apps. But the … Continue reading “Hybrid vs Native App : Choose the Best for your Business”