Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Social media has brought about a sea change in the arena of customer relationship. Communicating with the brand is now easy for online community as they can share their experience, be it bad or good on the social media platforms. Social media monitoring often referred as social listening by the experts is important as it helps to know what others are speaking about your brand and lets the business react to the feedback and complaints. You will get a qualitative data and real-time insights about the sentiment of customers about the brand, their reactions and implement the findings to formulate business strategies. It is an essential means for improving the ROI.

However, social media monitoring is not restricted only to reputation management of the brand but, assessment of prevalent trend and attitude of customers towards the company. With regular monitoring, businesses can identify the key influencers, with whom they can develop a relationship. For any social media marketing campaign or public relation event, monitoring and analysis plays a significant role. To build a better relationship with the customers, it is important to listen to them. Another benefit of monitoring is that you can get insight about your competitors. It is an effective method of addressing issues before those turn into a catastrophe and damages the brand reputation.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis by iMorphosis emphasizes on listening to the conversations on social networks that has your brand or business mentioned in it. We use the best tools that monitor the brand mentions, engagement of target audience and track the competitors.

Our Social Media Monitoring and Analysis emphasizes on listening, monitoring and tracking what customers' are speaking about your brand. The service helps in filtering, analyzing and generating reports to track the success of a marketing campaign. Best practices, proven methodologies and use of advanced tools help in analyzing the response of target audiences. We take a great care while planning the social media monitoring and analysis schedule. Our process comprises of

  • Identify the keywords relevant to the brands that they want to be monitored on social media platforms
  • Track brand presence, relevant news and competitors on different social media handles like blogs, forums, reviews etc
  • In-depth analysis of audience demographic profile
  • Monitor the conversation and collect information
  • Consolidate the results in one dashboard
  • Analysis of the findings to obtain actionable insight
  • Assess customer behavior and engagement pattern
  • Share customized report with the clients in regular intervals

Social media monitoring is an important source of business intelligence. For our clients, we tailor-make strategies and use tools that will provide them with real-time insights about the brand image and customer opinion.

The social data that we receive as a result of the monitoring techniques helps us to identify the key influencers. By tracking the conversion on social media, we help brands brands to identify their customer base as well as competitors. Every customer and their voice is important, so we use tools that ensures that not single conversation is missed. Social media monitoring and analysis is valuable for businesses as it helps to

  • Avoid escalations by responding to customer complaints soon
  • Improve the brand image by taking immediate action as it proves that you pay heed to your customers
  • Track your competitors
  • Measure the effectiveness of PR campaigns
  • Know the recent trends from customer conversation on social media platforms and plan new initiatives
  • Update the product, implement business strategies based on the feedback of clients
  • Regular communication with the target customers

In the competitive landscape it is important for brands to stay well connected with the customers. Listening to the target audience helps us to develop a content strategy for promoting the brand and improve customer experience.

A well-managed process will never be time-consuming or expensive. We have a dedicated team who will take care of the social media monitoring and analysis service of businesses. Use of tools assures to provide accurate feedback to businesses. Our assurance is to

  • Formulate tailor-made strategies to garner correct feedback
  • Time-tested methodologies to monitor brand mention, customer perception and competitors on different social media platforms
  • Gather social marketing insights to improve online campaigns and products or services
  • Humanize the social life of a brand
  • Eliminate conversation that is harmful for the brand and its reputation
  • Round the clock (24/7/365) monitoring or listening
  • Use of tools eliminates the scope of any error or gap in the monitoring process

On behalf of the esteemed clients, our team manages the entire process. The combination of experience, domain expertise and technology help us to monitor different social media handles efficiently. With our service, brands can enhance their customer relationship efforts with our service and boost the reputation of the company as well.