Enterprise B2C Solution

The eCommerce landscape is changing. Customers can now choose their shopping terms, locations and time and expect a personalized experience throughout the process. They have multiple avenues to research about a product, compare features and price, purchase and give feedback. Purchasing services or products is not a simple process anymore as channels like the web and mobile have come into action. Customers are now empowered in terms of shopping methods, time and location. So, businesses need to implement Enterprise B2C solution and improve customer experience to get an edge in the competitive global landscape. The enterprise level solution helps businesses to cope with the changing eCommerce patterns and customer behavior.

Power has shifted from the brands to customers as they have improved access to resources for sharing their shopping experience. The surge in social and mobile technologies have also fueled this shift. Entrepreneurs need to get rid of redundant processes and align internal operations with centralized systems and analytic tools that connect different touch points. They need to analyze the customer behavior to improve the user-experience, and grow a loyal customer base. Relevance and personalization are two important driving forces for any B2C eCommerce business. An Enterprise B2C solution aims at best-in-class experience to customers by streamlining the processes.

Enterprise B2C solution by iMorphois aims at improving the conversion rate and decreases the rate of shopping cart abandonment. You can have access of accurate and comprehensive data of the target customers and utilize the same for decision-making.

The Enterprise B2C solution emphasizes on the entire journey of the consumer, not just the point of purchase. Order, product information and accounts management are three important areas of a B2C marketplace. Irrespective of business model and strategy that a business follows these three points determine the success. Our solution enables customers to buy just the way they want to. This eCommerce solution is based on a robust technology and has cross-platform functionality. Different features focus on improving customer experience are

  • Intelligent navigation and search functionality helps customers to find products and services based on their past behaviors
  • Simplified order and product management process that improves functionality and reduces the cost of operation
  • Captures relevant data about customer behavior, analyzes it and delivers relevant, personalized search results
  • Tailor-made solutions relevant to the need of the business and specific to the industry
  • Integrated analytics tools for tracking transactions and business growtH
  • Easy integration of CRM or ERP software
  • Enhanced multichannel experience to customers- through mobile devices, online and social media

We understand the marketplace and our solution has an end-to-end approach that includes eCommerce designing, order fulfillment, inventory and product management and integration of safe payment method. The customer-centric features of this solution aims at improving the overall functionality and reduce the operational cost.

B2C eCommerce is fast paced, it connects the entrepreneurs with customers. To deliver services and products fast to the target customers, businesses require an improved business strategy and sophisticated solution. Our enterprise level solution for B2C marketplace is beneficial to businesses for engaging customers and build a strong brand experience. The enterprise level solution brings all the features together on a single platform. Improved system and customer-centric features are catalyst for the business transformation of B2C eCommerce. Factors that aid in business transformation are

  • Automate the process of inventory management, performance reporting, analytics, management of offers and shipping
  • A centralized system that makes managing and tracking operations easy for the sellers
  • Customers can view product catalog anytime and from any location
  • Streamline the marketing process as per the global standard
  • Customers can now shop from any location and at any time of the day
  • Better interaction with customers and provide them with tools that boosts transparency and engagement

It is expected that B2C eCommerce will rise exponentially in the near future as now customer have better access. It will be now easy for businesses to cater to both the national and global customers and ensure safe and timely shipping. This B2C solution will be an important catalyst for driving the eCommerce business. In short, the solution enables customers to buy just the way they want to.


eCommerce businesses can grow exponentially by implementing our solution. We have a profound experience in the arena of developing eCommerce solutions. Our tailor-made solutions are specific to the industry and abide by the benchmarked methodologies. The solution touches across different customer touchpoints. Owing to the unique features of the solution, businesses can now improve their sale in the global market. Thus, they can experience a greater market presence. With us, businesses can boost their efficiency as

  • We provide simplified yet sophisticated solutions to eCommerce companies, at par with the industry standards
  • Well- researched strategies serve as the foundation for the Enterprise B2C solutions that we cater
  • The extensive experience of our team in this domain helps in implementing the best practices of the industry
  • Amalgamation of innovative procedures and quality assurance help us stay competitive in the competition.
  • Integration of our solution and migration from the legacy system is a seamless process and our experts provide full support for the same

We provide end-to-end enterprise B2C solution for businesses to scale up their operations and improve the return on the investment. It will reduce the chances of manual process and make the process of order fulfillment fast.