Digital Content Marketing

Businesses need to communicate with their target audience, engage, inform and persuade them to complete the buying cycle. Digital Content Marketing is an effective technique to share and create unique, relevant and authoritative content to attract and retain customers. According to Custom Content Council, almost 55 percent customers stated that they would purchase products from companies that provide custom content. The aim of this marketing technique is to optimize brand value and provide relevant content to customers through the correct channels.

For customer-centric marketing technique, content is the key. The content adds value to the life of customers through an exemplary user experience and brand experience. Now, buyers find business online prior to making their purchase decisions. And, there should be something unique in the website to greet the buyers and attract them. In short, content plays an important role and marketers can achieve marketing goals like brand awareness, sales, lead generation, customer engagement, retention and up-selling, with it. This process requires a strategy and plan, which has dependence on a host of factors.

Digital Content Marketing service by iMorphosis facilitates the brand to communicate with their specific target audience. Our services and solutions are based on the industry and business need. We win your customers’ attention with relevant, fresh and unique content.

An integrated approach for content marketing is important to achieve the multiple goals of a business. Research has proved that brands with a well-documented content marketing strategy are more successful than their counterparts. The content we create for brands and businesses are based on a specific strategy and a content marketing plan. We brainstorm ideas that enable businesses to attract prospective customers. We follow a well-designed process that includes

  • Plan a content marketing strategy- develop content strategy, editorial calendar, analysis of competitors content and content inventory
  • Create roadmaps to fulfill the short-term and long-term objectives- identify audiences, buyers persona and journey
  • Analytics consulting- setup Google Analytics
  • Content creation- create a content map, content calendar, design and copy write different contents like articles, blog, infographics, white paper, website content and social media content and marketing videos
  • Content Management- regular content updates and maintenance as stale content affects the website ranking
  • Promote content through diverse channels and platforms- organic search marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and paid media
  • Measure result of content marketing based on specific metrics

We have a holistic approach and strategy that ensures that the content reaches out to your targeted audiences. The content marketing service helps in achieving the organizational goal by attracting the buyers, raising brand awareness and influencing their behavior.

Almost 73 percent brands rely on content for promotion and marketing. Through our digital content marketing service, brands and businesses can communicate with the target audience. Quality content lies to the core of our content marketing effort. When a customer finds a brand through custom content it build their trust. Few benefits of content marketing are

  • Increase brand awareness through different contents like blogs, case studies and white papers
  • Empower customers and improve lead generation
  • Increase customer bonding and build a loyal customer base
  • Generate sales by nurturing the leads
  • Lesser complaints from customers
  • Build brands' credibility and authority
  • More traffic to the website
  • High domain authority
  • Better online reputation of brand
  • Positions the brand as thought leader

Compared to the traditional marketing technique, digital content marketing is cost-effective and brings about the desired result fast. With proper strategies, businesses can reap high benefits with this tool of marketing.

Our strategy is aligned with the goal or objective of the business and brand. Each content- blog, article, whitepaper, eBook, user guide or infographic that we craft resonates your brand identity. Customized content marketing plan is another important step to achieve success. We understand that each business is unique, so tailor-make the content marketing strategy and plan based on your brand need and goal. What makes our services different are

  • An experienced team of content strategist, social media managers, content writers and bloggers are trained in persuasion tactics and marketing tips
  • We utilize the time tested methodologies and content marketing best practices to obtain the desired result
  • Targeted actions for better conversion and better ROI
  • Identify the platforms for content creation relevant to the targeted audiences
  • Regular updates to have a strong relationship with key influencers
  • Expand the brand reach with easy-to-share content updates
  • Various metrics for measuring the result of our effort

Our aim is to engage the target audience of businesses through unique and relevant content. The team will help your business to explore more opportunities. So, include our content marketing in your marketing mix and witness a better conversion rate and better relationship with the customers.