Dedicated Outsourcing Service

Dedicated staffing is a common outsourcing solution for businesses with limited in-house resource. Employing talented and high-value professionals is at times expensive and challenging for enterprises. Outsourcing talents has gained momentum over the years because of the cost incentive and easy availability of experienced talents. Enterprises or medium-sized businesses avail dedicated outsourcing service for software development, maintenance and support. It is an easy way of improving productivity of your company and yielding high ROI.

Outsourcing is a prevalent trend, as it improves efficiency and gives access to experts, which otherwise might not be possible. Businesses can either outsource the whole project or a particular component of the same. You do not have to worry about the recruitment process, infrastructure and costs associated with it, as we recruit human resources based on our stringent policies. Now, you can have access to the experts in various niche technology with our outsourcing service.

Dedicated Outsourcing Service by iMorphosis aims at improving the operation of business, increase the efficiency and reduce the development cost of our clients. By choosing our service, you will have a team who will be working for you, but located at our development center. As your outsourcing partner, we will work together to fulfill your business goals.

Outsourcing reduces the cost associated with employment, training, perks and benefits of employees. With our dedicated outsourcing service, businesses can concentrate on other operations as we take care of the talent acquisition and execution of IT based solutions. Our team of experts like developers, designers, social media experts and analysts work collectively to achieve the business goal. We will implement innovative ideas and unique strategies to transform your business and boost growth. We have a specific approach to dedicated outsourcing

  • Emphasis on superior quality service
  • Development process focuses on the industry standards
  • Screen the profile of human resources based on the requirement of partners
  • Speedy delivery model
  • Regular communication through calls, emails and timely reporting to ensure effective communication
  • Knowledge transfer or exchange, where necessary

Outsourcing enhances the growth as the experts will be a part of your team. It is an effective method that does not incur any risk but results in high productivity. So, you can either opt for outsourcing a whole team of professional or a couple of experts as per the project requirement.

Dedicated outsourcing in the perfect solution to match the business and its IT needs. A dedicated team of developers with extensive knowledge in designing and development are beneficial for the businesses. With our outsourcing service, any business can enjoy the following benefits

  • Flexibility of scaling up and down based on the need
  • Access to a diversified pool of talents related to your task
  • Short and long-term staffing solution
  • Reduce the cost and maximize resource utilization
  • Save a major part of the operational cost
  • We take care of recruitment and administrative challenges on your behalf

The collective expertise, ideas and innovation of your dedicated team will enhance the business growth. It is also a cost-effective way of gaining the competitive edge.

The dedicated outsourcing team will serve as the extension of our clients. They have in-depth knowledge about development, designing and deployment. We provide outsourcing solutions that will suit the company best. Businesses can leverage our outsourcing services

  • Stringent Recruitment Process- Screening, Aptitude test, Employment History check and Background checks
  • Hire specialized resource team-the structure, junior-to-senior ratio is as per technological requirement of the project
  • Reliable in-house professionals
  • Privacy protection of the intellectual property
  • We have state-of-the-art development center, with an environment fit for latest technologies
  • Clients can have direct access of human resources

Based on the nature of the project, we form teams to provide you with tailor-made solution. There are flexible models of staffing to address your challenges. Our team of developers, social media experts and analysts always stay abreast of emerging trends, technologies and help in enterprise application development.