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In the transportation ecosystem, online marketplaces have gained eminence. A major reason being participation of buyers and suppliers due to competitive price of transportation, improved access by customers and scope of exploring new markets for suppliers, transporters or brokers. The Logistics Marketplace provides freight owners, transporters and clients the convenience of connecting in a short … Continue reading “Know why Logistics Marketplace is a Unique Solution for Startups in 2017”

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Use of various internet-based systems have led to an exponential growth of data across all sectors, and Big Data is turning out to be a useful. Gartner IT Glossary defines Big Data as high-velocity, high-variety and high-volume information assets that involves innovative and cost-effective methods of processing information for better decision making, process automation and … Continue reading “Big Data Analytics and Its Impact on Logistics”

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Cloud is making headlines now. Across different industries, cloud has revolutionized the operations, by streamlining processes and providing real-time information. When all sectors have embraced cloud solutions then how can Logistics be left behind! The sector harnesses the power of increased data flow, integrated communication and real-time analytics for effective logistics management. Cloud logistics provides … Continue reading “A New Online World of Real Time Cloud Logistics”