Enterprise Mobility

Need of rapid response, has led to demand of solutions to make business processes agile. So, businesses opt for Enterprise mobility solutions for process automation. Mobility is an important paradigm that defines engagement and efficacy. It plays an important role for enterprises to conduct business, enable employees and empower future course of action. Enterprise Mobility provides businesses with the power of technology and tools to operate from any location and at any time. It lets the employees connect from both onsite and offsite location with portable devices, wireless networks and managed services.

Businesses have realized that mobility is a giant leap towards better productivity of workforce. Mobility is not restricted only to mobile apps, but emphasizes on mobile-first business. Employees can now carry their individual devices like smartphone and tablets to the workplace and access mails and work-related applications. Enterprise mobility solutions ensure maximum utilization of resources, increase the customer engagement and strong alliances. The solution empowers the digital workforce with power that fuels faster decision making and fast collaboration. It leverages enterprises by transforming their business processes.

Enterprise Mobility service by iMorphosis cuts across different segments in the retail, logistics, transportation and other industries. The solution is simple, cost-effective and helps in streamlining business operations.

Security, performance, user experience, industry standards and easy accessibility are five important factors guiding our enterprise mobility solution. We assess the business goal, understand the user group, design the mobility plan, determine platform to transform the business process and deploy the service aptly. Our mobility service helps in driving the organization growth and it includes

  • Strategy formulation- Defining roadmap, identifying the best architecture, technology platform and research the emerging technology
  • Application designing- Designing and developing feature-rich applications, migrate the existing application to a new platform, use automation tools, integrity checks and verification methods to reduce errors and speed up the time to market development.
  • Porting - For porting of applications from one platform to another we have a predefined and standardized coding process. We start with a gap analysis, create a reference port and decide about the target device and platforms. There are test cases for testing the porting.
  • Mobile Content Management- This service secures confidential business data without affecting the productivity. Employees can have access to business content across the mobile network without any interruption of workflow.
  • Testing and Maintenance- Test the application based on industry standard framework. Consolidate application data with advanced reporting tools and data analytics
  • Infrastructure and device management- Host and monitor security compliance, manage data backup and user access. Our comprehensive service emphasizes on infrastructure and device management for a robust deployment process.
Our Mobile Lifecycle Management System covers planning, designing, development, testing and device management. We provide managed services throughout the project lifecycle.

Our aim is to make the business processes easy and fast. We will help you to develop mobility applications from the scratch, or migrate the legacy systems to a new one. Our end-to-end strategy addresses different opportunities and challenges faced by the business. The decision makers can have access to real-time data, which will help them in improving efficiency, save both money and time. Enterprises can benefit from our mobility solutions as these

  • Make business processes easy
  • Streamline the workflow
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimum use of information
  • Good customer relationship
  • Minimize the operational cost
  • Ensure centralized communication
  • Faster decision-making
  • Increase in revenue generation

Businesses can transform their processes with our advanced and innovative solution. It is important for the businesses to adopt the mobile solutions or the archaic systems might stagnate their growth.

Implementation of a mobility solution requires right approach and involves technologies like analytics and cloud. Various proven methodologies serve as the foundation of our experienced team. They aim at meeting the mobility need of businesses. Our solution can be deployed across various verticals and it fast-tracks time-to-market. Enterprises can leverage our partnership to garner the best results. Reasons for choosing us

  • Get end-to-end mobility solutions
  • ROI centered mobility solutions
  • Motivated team with profound experience
  • Utilize best-in-the-class technology and tool
  • Cost-effective services
  • Timely delivery of solutions

We partner with enterprises, throughout the process and enable them to reap maximum benefits from our mobility solution. Our solution is a unique mix of flexibility, innovation, scalability and cost-effectiveness to address the business and industry-specific requirements.