Application Testing and Maintenance

Programming errors, changing requirement and timeline constrains often result in bugs in various applications. Quality Assurance (QA) testing is an important part of the application development process. Application Testing & Maintenance ensure safe operation and minimizing the chances of unexpected failures. Regular testing of applications saves time by reducing the unplanned breakdowns. Monitoring the testing process ensures that the development process abides by the procedures and standards already been agreed upon, and the issues have been fixed.

The QA testing aims at identifying flaws based on a comprehensive testing guideline. Depending on the need of businesses, use of tools, documented testing methodologies and testing practices is significant in the application testing procedure. Application maintenance is crucial for performance and meets the aims to meet the rising demand of the enterprise and industry. Maintaining any application prevents unpredicted failure and the cost incurred. A comprehensive approach of Application Testing & Maintenance assures smooth functioning and extends it life.

Application Testing & Maintenance service from iMorphosis comprises of various testing methods and use of tools that ensure superior quality technology solution. The Application services that we provide are

  • Usability and GUI testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Performance testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Configuration testing
  • System integration testing

Domain experience in the arena of testing web portals, rich internet application development, knowledge of different technologies and platforms enables us to deliver superior-quality testing service. We provide testing and maintenance services to enterprises of diversified verticals like retail, logistics and transportation to name a few. We follow a comprehensive approach and provide different levels of support, post the roll out of any application. We also facilitate the migration of legacy applications and integration of custom-made applications. Our approach guides us in QA testing and maintenance services.

  • Assess the existing methodology, prepare baselines and outline the application life-cycle based on it. Ideally, a testing lifecycle framework identifies testing requirements and estimates both effort and time.
  • Identify the goals of clients to understand the software requirement and scope of improvement
  • Develop a testing strategy in sync with the business environment with emphasis on quality, performance and cost
  • A process framework to meet the business need for functional and performance testing.
  • Ensure that the testing service provides a tangible result

The aim of our Application Testing and Maintenance service is to verify the quality, speed the deployment of software, minimize risk and reduce the cost to be incurred later.

Our testing methodology and strategy is customized as per the need of enterprises and industry standards. We deliver quality software applications after duly testing it and provide maintenance service for a seamless transition of business. Enterprises can benefit from this service as they can

  • Achieve their strategic objective
  • Improve the performance of applications
  • Fast time-to-market of applications
  • Adherence to consistent process in terms of methods and standards
  • Ensure the application performs seamlessly across different platforms and devices
  • Maintenance assures optimum performance, which in a way helps in business transition

The testing and maintenance strategy aims at addressing different aspects of application development and solve various complex problems.

The test framework we use is result-oriented and aims at reducing the impact of bugs on application. We provide end-to-end service that ensures smooth introduction of new applications or a smooth upgrade. Enterprises can leverage from our best practices

  • Standardized frameworks, tools and processes
  • We have well-crafted test cases and tools that reflects the maturity of the process
  • The methodology we follow are aligned with the industry trends
  • Predefined metrics help in tracking the application quality
  • Our testers and developers are experienced in software testing and maintenance
  • Enterprises can save the recurrent price for maintenance

We have a team of specialized testers who have proficiency across different domains. In-depth knowledge of testing tool, methodologies, scalable resources and customized delivery models facilitate us to provide affordable services.