Enterprise B2B Solution


Business-to-business (B2B) is one of the oldest form of eCommerce business that exists today. Enterprises depend on traditional B2B networks of distributors and wholesalers to reach customers. B2B is characterized by specialization for the particular business segment. Detailed information about services, products, bulk prices, inventory and delivery timing are important features so integrating an Enterprise B2B solution is essential for businesses. An integrated approach for order processing, well-organized functionality and aesthetic design is essential for B2B eCommerce.

Technological advancement and demand of customers for a consistent and user-friendly experience of digital purchase have lead enterprises to opt for B2B eCommerce. B2B is a complex procedure and Enterprise B2B solution will consolidate the operations across different channels, manage relevant data and transform the user experience. Many B2B companies are integrating the advanced features of business-to-customers (B2C) that have proved effective, to improve customer purchase experience. It is important for B2B enterprises fulfill the need of corporate clients and strengthens customer loyalty.

Enterprise B2B solution by iMorphosis helps companies to manage operations across the various digital channels and provides a consistent user experience. Our solution will enable the B2B partners to enhance the productivity, lower cost and faster access critical business information.

The Enterprise eCommerce B2B solution is aimed at high performance. It is based on latest technology and has different advanced features provide a personalized experience for users. Unified view of the information-rich catalog simplifies the process of order management. The integration framework facilitates data exchange, product and customer data management and fastens order fulfillment. This solution will help enterprise to deliver a B2C like experience to their buyers. Customers can buy from any location and anytime easy, with an easy-to-use mobile interface. Important features of this solution are

  • Simplify the order management and order fulfillment process
  • Integration of CRM, ERP and other third party systems is easy
  • Advanced catalogs, manuals and support material
  • Simple navigation option and advanced search filter to enable seamless search of information about various products, their features, price and availability
  • Integration of advanced SEO and Social Media Marketing specific to eCommerce
  • Industry specific marketing packages
  • Advanced Analytics dashboard for the merchants
  • Easy logistics Integration
  • Options of recommendations, products review and ratings

Our solution offers a simple platform to B2B platforms to manage products, customers, shipping, and payment. Different features of the solution ensures to provide a unified experience to the enterprise-level customers.

Integrating an enterprise level B2B solution is an essential component of the business strategy for any company. With the B2B solution, enterprises can improve their efficacy, lower the cost of operations and reduce the time taken for the business cycle. Enterprises can get business insight fast and easy with the advanced analytics. Scaling up or down of the B2B platform based on the growth of the business will be easy. Other benefits of integrating an Enterprise B2B solution are

  • Integrate multiple sales channel
  • Regular monitoring of service quality to resolve issues fast and reduce instances of customer complaints
  • Automate order fulfillment process which reduces the time-to-market
  • Easy monitor of SLA contracts
  • Provide a better, unique and engaging shopping experience to businesses irrespective of the business model they follow
  • Empower buyers with updated information on product features and price
  • Increases the conversion rate by shifting offline buyers to multiple online channels

Enhanced and managed capabilities makes it easy for the entrepreneurs to run the operations of B2B platforms and offer a smooth journey to the global customers. Integrating an advanced solution will help B2B entrepreneurs to get a competitive edge and improve the market share.

Businesses can partner with us and leverage our unique solution to improve their operations. It is a fully integrated suite perfect for the B2B enterprises. With fewer manual processes, B2B platforms can increase their operational efficiency. We assure our customers to align IT with their specific business goal. It helps to convert customers, drive sales and increase the revenue growth.

  • Our solution is based on the results thorough market survey and is shaped by various research findings
  • It provides insight to the users about business processes, customer needs and partner operations
  • We have a pool of domain experts who are equipped with the expertise of addressing different challenges related to B2B platform
  • Profound experience in this area assures the use of a robust technology based on the industry standards and specific to the particular domain

Our solution aims at an end-to-end transformation of the business processes by increasing the revenue and improving fast time-to-market. By integrating this comprehensive solution in the existing legacy system, the businesses can significantly improve their efficiency. In short, the cutting-edge solution we provide enables faster business transformation.