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Outsourcing: Defining the Term Outsourcing is the abbreviation for ‘outside resource using’. It is the method of hiring another company or individual, either internationally or domestically, for handling its business activities. This is a cost-effective practice that allows gaining skills and services, which is normally hard to develop either because of manpower or financial restrictions … Continue reading “IT Outsourcing Strategy: How to Know if It’s Right for You?”

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Last year Forbes predicted remote hiring will be among the few leading workplace trends for 2017. Across the globe, employers are opting for remote hiring to reap the benefit of a flexible workforce. Remote workers are now an important part of any organization’s workforce. Huffington Post states that successful startups have embraced 100 % remote … Continue reading “Why Business should Hire Remote Workers & How to Overcome Challenges”

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Organizations outsource projects to offshore locations where they can have access to world-class professionals, at a reduced price and save time. Offshore outsourcing involves hiring any external provider or organization for a specific task or business activities. As per Duke University CIBER/Archstone Consulting Study, almost 73 percent Fortune 2000 companies consider offshoring an important part … Continue reading “Why India is the Best Place for Offshore Development”

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James C. Collins the eminent American management consultant and author, in his book Good to Great said “Great vision without Great people is irrelevant.” People are the most important asset for any organization. Collins emphasizes that right people are the best asset rather than general or average people. Leaders have great vision for the growth … Continue reading “Hiring Right Candidate, an Ultimate Challenge for Outsourcing”

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“Are the resources utilized effectively?”, “Can the existing resources adapt to the new technology?”, “Do they have the technological and operational expertise to complete the task?”,”Is there any other method of completing the task fast?” If similar questions are pestering you then IT Outsourcing Services is the only way out. You can build your dream … Continue reading “Build a Dream Team with IT Outsourcing Services”