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2016 is another great year for the eCommerce industry. The year-on-year data shows that there is a continuous growth in the online sales this year. By analyzing the growth curve the experts expect that there will be a consistent growth in the following years. For both the established brands and e-Commerce startups, it is important … Continue reading “11 Most Innovative latest Trends in eCommerce to Watch for in 2017”

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Millennials, the population born between 1980 and 2000, is the most important demography for eCommerce. The retail industry is experiencing the influence of this generation like never before. As per a research by Goldman Sachs, Millennials are the major driving force who have redefined the purchase habit and revolutionized the shopping experience. Retailers need to … Continue reading “To Create a Loyal Customer Base Target the Millennials”

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Digital growth has exposed different channels of sales. The journey of a customer now comprises of various nonlinear engagement opportunities, it starts with one sales channel and ends with another one. To comply with the changing consumer behavior, sellers and brands are opting an integrated omnichannel strategy to ensure consistent shopping experience. Omnichannel is the … Continue reading “Map a Happy Shopping Journey with Omnichannel Customer Experience”

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Online retail is expanding. It is limitless. This growth is triggered by internet penetration and extensive use of smartphone and tablets. Technological advancement in terms of internet connection is another major reason for this unprecedented growth. A source reveals that the share of eCommerce in the overall economy across major regions will rise. Globally the digital … Continue reading “Scaling up Business Just Got Easier with Enterprise eCommerce Solution”

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What do Nike, Paul Smith, Olympus, Bulgari, Ford and Samsung have in common? All these brands have their websites built on Magento. Now, this should not be a surprise, as according to a research conducted in May 2015, Magento has a market share of approximately 30 percent, which makes it the Best open source Platform … Continue reading “Magento – the Best Open source Platform for eCommerce”