7 Reasons you need to know as why use Infographics in Digital Marketing

7 Reasons you need to know as why use Infographics in Digital Marketing
Oct 14,2016          Digital Marketing          3 comments

Every day, millions of content- approximately 140 million tweets, 2 million videos and 1.5 billion content, is generated in the online media. Digital marketers have to take special effort to ensure that their content does not get lost in the chaos and it is identified easily by the target audience. If you need a content that will grab the attention of the targeted audience, the best way is through graphics and more precisely infographics. It is a visual representation of information comprising of well-designed graphics, relevant data, simplifies any complex subject, makes it interesting and visually engaging.

So why use infographics! An infograph puts together images, intuitive designs, data and texts into a singular piece of graphics. It helps digital marketers create emotional stories based on various set of data. The target audiences can understand key points fast without reading the detailed text. The human brain responds to visuals or graphics faster than text. Using this visually engaging content makes the subject matter appealing to the audiences on different social and digital media channels. It is an innovative way of telling your story, not with words, but effective use of various graphics.

Why use infographics

Why use infographics in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, use of infographics has turned out to be effective. Since 2004, there has been a growth in the search of the keyword- infographics. Various research has outlined the reason of surge in use. Below mentioned are the reasons of why use infograph in digital marketing rather than text-based content.

  1. Grab attention of target audience – Attention span of consumers is short, so they prefer scanning through the content rather than reading it. The visuals have a lasting impression on the human brain. It is imperative that human being are captivated more by images, statistics, graphs, figures and fact in comparison to texts. Almost 90 percent of data that brain perceives are the visuals. Research findings suggest that 40 percent human respond to visual ads rather than lengthy text ads. If you want to perform well on the platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, infographic is an effective way.
  2. Makes the content understandable and memorable – What makes an infographic effective, is its power of conveying relevant information in an easily understandable format. Various studies have proved that majority of consumers rely on relevant and authentic data rather than text-based content like rating, review and product description. With the internet being bombarded with various content each day, it is obvious that customers will opt for information that is easy to understand and urges them to take action, fast.
  3. Create Brand AwarenessThe aim of digital marketing is to create a brand image and boost brand awareness. While designing an infographic your brand name, email address, website URL, social media share buttons and other relevant information are mentioned on it, which helps in boosting brand identity. It is expected that with an effective use of infographic, the traffic will increase by almost 12 percent. Already digital marketers have experienced such surge with their campaigns. Thus, the purpose of a well-designed infographic goes much beyond informing the target audience.
  4. Boost the SEO effortsWith around 2 million online content being generated each day, a sound strategy is required to get one or more authoritative link. For SEO, a good link portfolio matters as it results in more visitors to the website and better SERP rank. In comparison to guest posts and conventional content, infographics can cut across various niche industries. A content-rich infographic is effective for link building and boosting web traffic. Embedding it or sharing it across different online channels is easy and will generate backlink to your website. Adding meta description, targeted keywords and title improve the chance of being found in the search result and conversion rate.
  5. Increase the number of Followers and Subscribers Visual content is always compelling. An attractive and well-designed infographic results in more shares, comment and likes. It generates more followers and subscribers to the website and social media pages. Each time an infographic is shared the chance of reaching to a greater number of audience increases. It strengthens the interaction of brands with the targeted audience and converts them to prospective customers. A research by HubSpot confirms that infograph increases almost 37 percent engagement of the targeted audience.
  6. Demonstrate expertisePresenting the content in an easy way with the use of graphics, charts, icons and tables requires expertise. Easily understandable graphics with relevant data reflect your in-depth research and subject matter knowledge. In a way it will improve your credibility in the particular niche and boost the reputation. Infograph thus serves as an important tool for highlighting your processes, systems and proficiency.
  7. Go viral with your contentIf you want your content to go viral, then embed an infographic. An advertising company in its research highlighted campaigns that contain visuals result in 94 percent more views than the text only ads. A gripping visual attracts the attention of viewers and influence them. Another research finding proves that tweets with infographics are approximately 832 percent more retweeted than otherwise. Viewers tend to share infograph more on various social media platforms. SlideShare has also identified that online users are likely to share infographics more than text-based content on the social handles.

Thus, it can be well understood why digital marketers insist on using the infographics rather than the only text. It offers value to the customers, build brand value, tell a story and converts prospective customers. In the competitive global marketplace, the key is to attract the attention of the target audience. And, an infograpghc is effective in doing so!

Effective use of infographics

It is now easy to create free infographics online, with the different tools available. Digital marketers can use it and share it across various social and blogging sites. Designing an infograph is not an uphill task. In majority WordPress sites, there are embedded codes for infographs. When anyone shares this code, it will create a link to your website automatically. Based on your digital marketing goals, you can plan how to use infographics and execute the same. You can even track the performance of your infographics. Just include it in the embedded code and you can track relevant information like how many times the infograph has been clicked, shared or viewed. So, now you understand why use infographics for your digital marketing campaign.

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