Integrated Retail On Cloud

Modern retailers need an end-to-end retail system to attract more customers. Businesses have now adopted multi-channel approach to expand the customer base and add value to life of customers. A cloud-based retail system is important for an agile business process to increase efficiency. Integrating cloud to the retail system provides business owners an overview of daily operations and helps in making smart decisions. An Integrated Retail on Cloud solution brings together the Point of Sale or POS operations, customer data, inventory, report generation and analytics into one system.

Cloud based retail solution can be accessed on phones and tablet and it has replaced the traditional system. From the selection of a product to the billing, connection with the Cloud server makes the process easy. There is also scope of loyalty integration, as a result, customers can add points to their loyalty account or redeem the same during the shopping. The integrated system converges the data of different sales channel in one touch point. With this retail suite, retailers will get updated from a centrally controlled system. Mobile POS and Cloud POS are the major players of this integrated retail solution.

Integrated Retail on Cloud solution by iMorphosis is an ultimate solution for retailers as it empowers retailers to integrate POS operations with other important features without facing any technical hassle. The solution is suitable for retail stores of different volumes. Entrepreneurs can increase their business and streamline the operations simultaneously with this solution.

For a retailer reliance on a cloud-based, integrated retail system is advantageous because of its improved functionality and performance. Our solution streamlines the POS operations automatically, engages customers and improves customer relationship seamlessly. The integrated cloud-based retail solution helps in scaling up the business, manage the billing of stores and different channels. The retail landscape is competitive and we help retailers stay ahead of others with our solution. Unique features of the solution are

  • Processes sales fast
  • Immediate access to inventory and customer details
  • A single touch point for stock transfer, address query
  • Search products, details, and price from stock fast
  • View purchase orders of products that are out-of-stock and back orders
  • Easy integration of client related information like returns, discounts, loyalty and exchanges and promotions
  • If you have more than one store, you can track data of all the accounts on one dashboard
  • An intuitive dashboard to track the sales and inventory
  • Analytics and reporting helps in easy management of retail stores and grow business

It is a cost-effective and simple solution that makes operations less sophisticated for the retail store staff and managers. This cloud based solution provides traction to small businesses to scale up their activities.

It is an integrated, user-friendly and flexible solution that helps retail businesses thrive in the global scenario. Round the clock connectivity of the integrated system improves the customer expectation and satisfaction. An integrated cloud-based retail solution increases the revenue of retail businesses. It is an effective solution to avoid lost sales rather helps in business transformation.

  • Connects all retail operations on POS
  • Creates an omni-channel experience for customers
  • Better interaction with the buyers
  • A complete overview of customer data
  • Real-time information flow regarding products
  • Faster response to changing expectation of customers
  • Helps retailers to make better purchase decisions
  • Easy customer data management
  • Improved interaction between different departments or stores

Our solution helps in transforming and revolutionizing the retail businesses. Retailers can have a full control over their inventory. Now, you can interact with your customers and provide them with personalized service like never before.

The fully-featured software is backed by latest technology and emphasizes in providing customer-centric functionalities. The gamut of features of the cloud-based retail solution help businesses to make data driven smart decisions. The real-time information about the business performance provides better control to retailers than ever before. There are many options available, but, what makes our solution better is its unique features listed below. Businesses can leverage these feature and progress.

  • Since cloud-based solution, you can operate it from any location.
  • It is easy to use, safe and generates reports
  • Compatible with different devices
  • The solution will operate even when the system is offline
  • Accepts different payment methods
  • As per the business needs, retailers can add business apps and software related to account and staff rostering
  • Provides flexibility to scale up the retail store

The need of each retailer is different and we design the software to meet the individual retailer requirement. Our solution provides an engaging experience to the customers, and a unique opportunity to the retailers to expand their stores.