Real Time Logistic On Cloud

Cloud-based solutions have redesigned and revolutionized logistics in terms of management and efficiency. In cloud computing, users can access information from the web, unlike the traditional method of storing in a physical server. Information is easily accessible round the cloud on different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Logistic professionals now rely on cloud-based solutions for managing transportation to reduce the cost, ensure compliance and increase efficiency. Businesses can leverage this innovative Logistic Solution on Cloud and its functionality to ensure overall growth.

Cloud logistics help professionals keep a track of transportation from remote locations and simplify the operations from shipping to delivery. Real-time data generated by this solution helps in taking actions to meet the demand fluctuations. This new generation solution is effective for transportation management in the supply chain cycle. Logistic company of any size can manage the complexity related to wide-networked communication and transportation management. A cloud-based solution also helps logistic professionals to communicate with field staff and those at other remote locations.

Real time Logistic Solution on Cloud by iMorphosis help in real-time collaboration and end-to-end visibility of business operations. Our solution provides organizations the flexibility to scale up as per their need.

According to a recent survey, a majority of logistic professionals, who have participated in it, have either adopted cloud solutions or are evaluating it as a probable option for simplifying the operations. Cloud logistics solutions enable a smooth flow of data throughout the organization, seamless communication within different departments and convenient business functions. Different features of this solution help in improving the ROI.

  • Transportation planning- Optimize shipments across different transportation modes, connect the logistics processes
  • Transportation execution- Consolidate multiple orders, manage product lifecycle, automate freight billing, auditing and payment process
  • Insights and alerts- There are dashboards to provide ready reports and data to users required for transportation management
  • Third party logistics management- Real-time visibility and support of third-party transportation operations
  • Compliance management- Classify goods based on the tax rates, duties levied by individual countries where you trade. Manage exceptions, licensing and government requirements
  • Customs management- Capture shipment data, revise and track documents necessary to clear customs and share documents with brokers and customers

For every logistics company, irrespective of the business model or strategy, our real time logistics on cloud solution will be beneficial. With cloud logistics solution, you will notice a remarkable decrease in process cost and a seamless execution.

The cloud logistic solution makes the supply chain dynamic, interactive and secure. High flexibility of the solution helps businesses to adapt to changing demands of customers and address the niche markets and specific segments. Analytics embedded provides detailed information about transportation from one platform. The integrated cloud solution helps businesses to scale up or down in accordance with the fluctuation of market without making a hefty investment. Advantages of our solution are

  • Real-time inventory- Optimize cost, control risk and respond to fluctuation based on real-time cloud generated data
  • Real-time pricing- Control cost by obtaining insights on pricing factors like market conditions, demand and weather conditions
  • Optimization of repetitive patterns with an advanced metrics- Analyze patterns, utilize those for better capitalization and reduce chances of waste
  • Coordinate different components of the transit model to improve efficiency- Real-time monitoring helps in synchronizing the components like processes, suppliers in to the existing model as the situation demands
  • Improved customer relationship- Universal accessibility makes it easy for the managers to observe processes and deploy resources, when needed

Accessibility of real-time data from even remote locations is a boon for the logistics professionals. It helps in decision making process and curb costs. To tap these benefits and get a competitive edge, avail our cloud logistics solution.

Our Logistic Solution on Cloud help in lowering the operating cost. The industry-specific capabilities have fueled the growing popularity of this solution among the logistics companies and professionals. Owing to its plethora of features, customer management is easy at a reduced cost. Logistics companies can leverage our solution as we provide

  • Out-of-the-box solution for effective transportation management available at a low freight rate
  • Our team provides an arsenal of tools based on cloud-technology for supply chain management
  • The innovative solution supports different modes of transportation
  • You can integrate it seamlessly into your existing system

With our solution manage your business centrally, from any device, and scale it up easily to be a part of the global bandwagon.