Multichannel Management Solution

Digital platform has changed the way customers and brands communicate with each other. Customers leverage technology and shop through online marketplaces, websites or from physical stores. Diversified channels help in increasing the customer engagement and brand loyalty. Irrespective of the number of channels, buyers consider brands as a single entity. To strengthen the relationship with the customers, retailers need to understand the preferences for better interaction. Retailers can eliminate the manual procedures, disjointed procedures and manage different channels of sale with an easy to use and intuitive Multichannel Management Solution.

In this multi-channel journey, customers should have a seamless experience across all channels and have access of information anytime and from any location. And, a seamless operation is important for a good customer experience. It is a reliable solution that helps in saving time and sell products fast through the multiple channels. Business owners can access the account from any location, track the performance of the business and improve profit by increasing the revenue. Thus, retailers can get an end-to-end visibility of a customers buying cycle with this solution.

Retail Multichannel Management Solution by iMorphosis ensures a simple, consistent and seamless transaction, irrespective of the products sold or the channel used. Channel Management System helps in selling products through various channels, manage inventory, data, orders and customer information from a centralized console and owners do not have to log into individual channels.

Our turn-key Multichannel Management Solution boosts online sales of businesses across different channels. The design of our web application emphasizes on simplifying the processes of multichannel retail. The solution optimizes different phases of operations like customer log in, service activation, order management, invoicing and payment process. Important features of our unique solution are

  • Automatic stock management
  • Listing management across different channels
  • Streamline order management
  • Integration of accounting software
  • Courier and shipping management
  • Integrate different sales channel and create one login
  • CRM
  • Integrating Loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Advanced analytics
  • Consolidate back office operations

We realize that a multichannel approach will boost the sales. Our solution has a single platform that helps in delivering across different channel seamlessly. Since all the important features are integrated into one platform, this makes it an important tool for retail management.

Businesses can get real-time insight about the performance of each sales channel. Owners need not manage different channels, order reports, inventory, sales statistics or log in to other accounts. The software provides a complete solution that serves as a single point of contact for business owners. It is beneficial for retailers as

  • Single login access eliminates the complications related to fast order fulfillment across diverse channels
  • Assess the business performance of different channels and take an informed decision regarding scaling up or adjustment
  • Centralized order management helps in automatic order fulfillment
  • Enhance the brand experience and boost customer loyalty
  • Maximize the visibility of products across different sales channel and increase the sales
  • Remove the scope of human error
  • Improved operational efficiency, decrease the cost and better revenue generation
  • Minimize the risk and explore new opportunities

Obtaining customer insights- preferences of channels and products helps in making informed decision. It improves the up-sell, cross-sell offers, promotion offers and customer services. Data generated by our Multichannel Management Solution will aid retailers to provide a consistent experience across multiple channels and boost customer retention.

Retailers can utilize the features of the integrated Multichannel Management Solution. What makes our solution stand apart from others are

  • Our omnichannel solution addresses challenges- meeting the customer demand and deliver seamless experience
  • Mix of domain experience and technical expertise help in developing an end-to-end solution
  • Combination of best practices and innovation
  • Simple installation and integration process
  • Utilize the best practices to address the challenges
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction
  • Easy to use

You can differentiate your brand from others with our solution. It will give you the competitive edge in the modern retail ecosystem. Managing sales through diverse channels and increasing it is easy with our sophisticated and user-friendly Channel Management System.