Digital Campaign Management

A digital campaign is an important tool for brands to interact with the target audiences across different social media platforms. Digital campaign management help companies to communicate offers and news with customers strategically across different channels like websites and social media platforms. It aims at crafting campaigns to grow the reach of a brand so that they can be found online. Campaign management is an integral part of digital marketing and it covers advertising, transactional marketing and contextual marketing. With our fully managed services, brands can communicate with their targeted audiences.

Digital Campaign Management is important for increasing the engagement of brands and improve customer loyalty. For a successful digital campaign management, it is important to adopt an integrated approach that brings together different digital assets to a single platform. It takes both effort and time to run a successful campaign. From the initial level of conceptualization to implementation, we ensure that the strategy and objective of the campaign are aligned with the brand image.

Digital Campaign Management service by iMorphosis aims at increasing brand awareness of the target audience and yield a high ROI. Three important channels of our campaign are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Media Marketing (SMM) and Pay-per Click (PPC). SEO is a powerful method for brands to gain visibility on the search engines. SMM helps businesses to take leverage of social media channels for better interaction and engagement with both new and existing customers. PPC taps in the advertising channels of the different search engines. It is used for generating traffic to the website with the click of keywords relevant to your brand.

The digital campaign management consultancy service leverages innovative technology that help organizations to promote their brand across online, mobile and social media. To have a positive impact, we aim only the relevant audiences. Our aim is to reach out to the target audience, and for that we obtain various strategic tactics. We develop a comprehensive campaign that will take your business or brand to a new height. Our process includes

  • Digital Campaign planning and designing from the scratch
  • Marketing strategy formulation
  • Channel strategy formulation- choose platform and medium relevant to the brand objective
  • Identifying the Key Performance Indicators
  • Campaign implementation
  • A/B testing, where applicable
  • Manage and edit the campaign content
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting
  • Measurement, analysis and optimization

Our campaign managers track the performance minutely. They analyze the performance of each medium, traffic generated, conversions, CTR against the set goals and optimize the campaign when needed.

The end-to-end solution help businesses to cover a wide spectrum of marketing activities. We have the expertise of identifying risks related to campaign failure. Businesses can promote their brand better with our services better as

  • Better ranking in the organic search results
  • Increase in the interaction with the customers and better engagement
  • Get more traffic to the website through both organic and paid search
  • A cost-effective plan for campaign management
  • Save time for campaign management
  • Stay ahead of others with a customized campaign management plan
  • Strengthen the brand identity and forge a loyal relationship with customers
  • Maximize the return on the investment with the innovative plan and strategies

We adhere the latest digital marketing trends to ensure a successful campaign. Our campaign plan is tailor-made as per the need of the clients. For an effective execution of the campaign and to get better ROI we make adjustments and change plans based on the analytics reports.

A successful campaign requires proper planning, in-depth knowledge and a skilled team. In our digital campaign management service, we emphasize on all three aspects. In-depth understanding of the digital marketing processes and the use of innovative technological solutions help the businesses to get success in the campaign management efforts. Businesses can utilize our services and experience the difference as we provide

  • A gamut of services for marketing and the specialist team with experience across different domains
  • A strategic approach to provide measurable and meaningful campaign results
  • Plan a marketing campaign that will meet the business need
  • Customized solutions that provide positive marketing results
  • Sound capabilities of business analytics
  • Whether it is a long-term campaign or simple promotion, our team is adept in managing the process
  • Use of different metrics to measure the success of the campaign

Our capabilities help in generating customer leads across different channels and this makes us stand apart from the others. We are committed in implementing plans for online growth of your business.