Online Reputation Management and Branding

In the virtual world, each post, like, comment or share creates a reputation for a brand or business. When a user mentions the name of a brand or business, voices opinion or reviews it, the reputation is built. Everyday brands lose hundreds of customers due to false news, negative reviews and comments appearing on forums and social media. Online reputation is important for individuals, brands and companies, in-short, whoever have a web presence. Online Reputation Management (ORM) improves the reputation of the brand across the virtual media by eliminating the negative comments, reviews and comments. It improves the credibility of a company and instill trust in customers.

If search engine shows negative result for any brand, it will result in missed opportunity due to the poor reputation. Social media is a perfect platform for building a brand image and boost customer loyalty. Reputation of brands change the purchase decision of the customers. Negative comments or blog posts across different channels affect the brand and business, so it is important to have the reputation monitored to mitigate the negative reputation. With the exponential increases in the number of online users, reputation management will gain more prominence. Online Reputation Management aims at analyzing a brand’s presence online and protect it.

Online Reputation Management and Branding services by iMorphosis monitors the search results of a brand, optimize the content and improves the reputation of a brand. We are equipped with the tricks that will neutralize the negative comments, repair them and highlight the positive image of any brand.

The ORM and Branding service that we provide ensures an unblemished image of the brand, online. Our process emphasizes on revamping the online image of a brand, create a positive one and retain it. In-depth analysis is the cornerstone of our approach and helps in providing effective result. We initiate the process by analyzing the present scenario of online reputation. Competitor reputation analysis is another important aspect as it provides an insight as where your reputation stands in comparison to them. Our service is not a one-size-fit-all as each brand has its individual need and the approach is tailored to meet the specification of each.

  • Monitor conversation about brands round the clock with the use of advanced tools- remove incorrect information and analyze the customer feedback
  • Manage negative content by removing negative comments, expletives, and reviews from different online platforms, so that it does not impact the brand.
  • Optimize the pages related and relevant to the business, and contents like whitepapers, reports and testimonials
  • Fix the result of search engines so that no negative information reaches the target audience
  • Interaction with customers- respond to the negative feedback of clients to mitigate the damage
  • Consistent update of contents to ensure a positive image about the brand

Our process can be segregated into two parts- strategy formulation and implementation. Based on the need of the brand, we recommend tools for online reputation management and monitoring. We use tools that are specific to your brand and suits your budget.

Startups, entrepreneurs and individuals can benefit from our comprehensive ORM and branding service. We understand the brand objective, needs and identify the desired image, which helps us to formulate a strategy for Online Reputation management and implement it accordingly. Businesses can benefit from our services

  • Establish the brand identity online
  • Active participation in the online forums and social media platforms
  • Protects business against negative reputation and attacks
  • Restore the brand reputation, in case it has a negative online presence
  • Easy review management
  • Get an insight of your brand’s image online
  • Tailor-made strategies relevant to the particular industry
  • Get guaranteed and fast results

Our comprehensive approach for online reputation management, safeguards the online reputation of the brands. Dealing with the competitors and dissatisfied customers will be now easy with our service.

Why let negative reputation plague your online image when you can avail our Online Reputation Management service. Our expertise in managing the online reputation of the company and knowledge of different tools helps businesses. Brands can benefit from our skills and experience

  • Experience of working with businesses and brands of different verticals
  • Proficiency in writing content for reputation management
  • Skill of sentiment analysis
  • Expertise in online brand monitoring, management and reputation protection
  • Tracking negative listing with tools
  • We will promote positive online conversation about your brand

With our services, businesses can see an exponential increase in their conversion rate and ROI. Our proven strategies and time-tested methodologies assure fast results. Brands can stay stress-free regarding the management of online reputation and brand promotion.