How to Create Email Marketing Campaign for Your Business that People Actually Click

How to Create Email Marketing Campaign for Your Business that People Actually Click
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With the popularity of various social media platforms, did you think that email marketing Campaign has taken a nosedive? Perhaps, you were wrong. Email Marketing continues to be an important part of the marketing mix of any organization, irrespective of its nature of business or size. It is an important medium of conveying information to the targeted audience. Marketing through email provides every business, better opportunity and ensures high return on investment.

Why Businesses need Email Marketing

Email Marketing help businesses to create a better relationship with the target audience at a cost much lower than marketing through other traditional media. There are various benefits of email marketing.

  • With an email marketing campaign, marketers can target the specific audience based on demographics, history, location and other factors. You can ensure that your audience receives email based on their need. Customized message of the email ensures a high rate of conversion.
  • Each email introduces a customer to your business and emphasizes the brand USP. Content and designing of the email, impact the psyche of customers, help in building brand value and increase brand awareness. Thus, improving the chance of converting customers to leads.
  • Analytics is integral to any form of marketing campaign. Unlike other forms of marketing, for email marketing does not depend on ambiguous result. You can get accurate metrics about the open rate, click-through rate, subscriber retention rate and most importantly about customer behavior. These insights help in planning future campaigns also.
  • Sharing an email is easy. A click on the forward button and a customer can share a deal and offers with others, which in a way helps in increasing the number of subscribers and your brand will get more exposure.
  • It is perhaps the most cost-effective form of marketing. Email Marketing is affordable, and yields a high ROI. An email marketing will yield almost $40 for every $1 you spend for it.

Owing to these benefits, marketers consider email marketing for businesses over the other forms. Strategic planning can help any business to improve the click-through rate and return on investment.

Numbers don’t Lie

Email is the most powerful channel of marketing. Over the years, various research has been conducted to understand the effectiveness of Email Marketing. Click-through rates and ROI or return on investment are two important determinants of success in Email Marketing. The click-through rate of an email is almost 6 times more than that of tweets. Email drives unmatched conversion. The average return on investment is higher than other marketing media.

But there is also another factor that highlights the benefit of Email Marketing- Reach. There are almost three times more email account than Twitter and Facebook combined. As per Forrester Research, 90 percent emails are delivered to inbox of customers, in comparison to Facebook where the posts are seen by 2 percent users. So, the chance of an email been seen is 45 times more than that of Facebook posts.

Studies prove that almost 72 percent customers prefer email for receiving promotional content in comparison to 17 percent customers who prefer social media. As per Mailigen, almost 54 percent marketers consider email the most effective medium in digital marketing. And, 89 percent marketers consider email marketing the primary mean for lead generation. These email marketing statistics emphasize the need and the important role it plays.

Email Marketing Campaign

For the beginners who wonder what is email Marketing campaign, the simple explanation is sending promotional or commercial message to a group of customers through email. Yes, email marketing is simple and easy as it seems to be. It can be used for sending ads, promoting services or products, introducing offers or discounts or for donations. The aim is solely to improve relationship with customers, boost customer loyalty and expand the customer base.

Reaching the target audience is easy with email marketing. With each email, you can enrich your customer with information about your brand. A report by The Economist Intelligence Unit states the impact of a marketing campaign is evaluated based on customer engagement and revenue. So, for your business to business email marketing, the focus should be on driving engagement.

Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Each day more than 144 billion emails are sent and you will want your email campaign to stand out from this noise. To full-proof your efforts of email marketing campaign, it is equally important to have a sound strategy based on tested and proven methodologies. Hopefully, you will not want your customer to press the delete button even before reading the email. Implementing best email marketing strategies, ensure a successful campaign with high click-through rate and boost ROI. A few tips that marketers need to abide by are

  • Personalized Email– Personalization of email is important for building a relationship. However, too much of intimacy might pose as a threat. If your strategy is personalization, then it should be meaningful. When you are sending a personalized mail make sure that you know the history and needs of the recipient and it should reflect in the email.
  • Length of the Subject Line– Crafting the best subject line always seems to be tricky. Marketers are often baffled about the length or character count of the subject line. It is wise to avoid the subject lines that are of length 60 to 70 characters. A research by Adestra proves that emails with subject lines between 60 to 70 characters did not have any remarkable increase in open rate, but those with less than 10 characters had the open rate of almost 58 percent. Another research cites that the length of the subject line should be below 49 characters.
  • Give away free content– Freebies are always a hit, when it comes to email marketing campaign. Bluewire Media conducted a study as to understand the type of content that results in high click-through and open rate. Guess what, free tools and templates were the winner and these are better than eBooks and other resources.
  • Keep the content short and relevant- For a personalized email, it is important to create high-quality content that is relevant and crisp. Use of images, infographic, and GIF is advised as these have greater impact on the recipients. The email content should be specific to the particular segment.
  • Best time– Timing does matter. The Experian Marketing Services suggest that the emails sent between 8 pm and midnight have the best open rate. However, it is important to assess the customer behavior to decide on optimal timing. You should also consider the deployment time of other marketers and inbox timing to determine the best time for your campaign.
  • Email Frequency– To understand the optimal email frequency, you have to understand your segment of business and the customer need. If you have a target for the number of emails to be sent to your targeted recipient then do not cross that limit. Experts are of the opinion that marketers should minimize blasting recipients with emails.
  • Best day to send email– The study by Experian shows that email sent on the weekends outperform than those on the weekdays. A reason for this might be the volume of email sent on weekends is low.
  • Mobile responsive emailsLitmus, the email marketing firm highlighted that mobile accounts for almost 47 percent of email open rate. So, while designing the email there are a few points that you need to consider. For making the email template mobile responsive, emphasize on the layout, font size, call-to-action position and other functionality.

The above-mentioned points are based on research and study. To get the best result, you might have to try and test and adjust to the need of your recipients. Irrespective of the result of your effort, make sure to analyze it based on your pre-determined metrics to assess the effectiveness.

The Email Marketing Process

Source: Visually.

There are various reputed email marketing service providers, who can help you to connect with the target audience hassle-free, like Aweber, Mailchimp, GetResponse, AmazonSES, ZOHO campaigns, Verticalresponse Etc.

Best email marketing campaigns – Each week your inbox might be bombed with the numerous email marketing campaign. But the winners are those that stand apart from the others and create an impact on the recipients. A good email urges a recipient to take action, subscribe to the brand or business or share it with others. Few of the best email marketing campaigns that you might have witnessed in the recent times are UBER, Starbucks, Apple , Collaborative Fund and Litmus.

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