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A sound business plan and model are the key to success of any business. Be it rolling out new services or revamping the marketing strategy, it is essential to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing and keep pace with them. Industry stalwarts rely on competitor analysis to identify the opportunities, red flags … Continue reading “How to Analyse Competitors for a Right Digital Marketing Strategy”

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The blog title attracts readers. On the search engines and social media, titles represent the content. Copyblogger states that out of 10, 8 will read the title and only 2 will read the complete content. Write an eye-catching title and your blog which otherwise would have gone unnoticed will fetch numerous social share, share and … Continue reading “5 powerful proven ways to write Magnetic Blog Title”

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The social media ecosystem is changing fast. It is becoming increasingly important for brands to create a unique presence in the online world. Brands need to catch up with the social media trends to get that desired competitive edge. This is not a cliche! It is the need of the moment. Back in 2012, getting … Continue reading “Top 6 Popular Social Media Trends, that will Change Your Business in 2017”

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of driving traffic to the website from organic, natural and non-paid search. It emphasizes on website visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Be it large enterprises or startups, all need to invest on SEO to improve their ranking in the organic search result, … Continue reading “131 Absolutely Free SEO Terms Every Digital Marketers Should Know”

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Social media has changed the marketing practices of businesses. It has lent voice to the customers where they can express their view about the brands. Nielsen has estimated that in the United States alone, almost 80 percent of 255 million internet users can be reached through social media platforms. So, brands need to hear the … Continue reading “Free 9 Powerful Social Media Tools for Monitoring”