RIA Maintenance and Support

Businesses need to stay ahead of the competition. An advanced and robust application helps in maximizing the return. Rich internet application is the next level of web applications that improve user engagement. Enterprises have now migrated from web applications to a more advanced version and is leveraging its power. It expands the reach of enterprises across multiple platforms and channels. These next-gen applications also improve the productivity, brand loyalty and revenue.

End users can enjoy a seamless, personalized and engaging web experience that will urge them to know more about products or services of a business. As the name suggests, these applications provide rich user experience and assure better responsiveness. These applications combine the best features of web applications with that of desktop applications. The Rich internet application or RIA have a client-centric interface and provide a dynamic and engaging web experience to users.

Rich Internet Application Maintenance and Support service by iMorphosis provide an edge to businesses and improves the online presence.

Rich Internet Applications are fast, easy to use and responsive. In-depth knowledge of technology coupled with the commitment to fulfill the enterprise-level needs of clients drive us to develop the next gen rich applications. In the development process, we utilize the best practices of designing, development, delivery and analytics. Right from the feasibility study, service integration, to maintenance and support, our domain expertise helps us to excel in all. The rich applications we develop, aim at simplifying the complex processes and perform functions faster than the traditional ones.

To facilitate a smooth business process, we provide maintenance and support services. Organizations often face the challenge of maintenance and support for their applications. A well-managed maintenance and support service, help organizations to manage applications effectively. Expertise in different technologies, platforms and databases help us in delivering best-of-the-class service. We have a model for delivering superior quality development, maintenance and support service. Our cutting-edge solutions comprise of

  • Implementation of latest and best technology for the application development
  • Develop cloud applications in the SaaS model
  • Provide prototype to the customer that will help the latter to understand from the perspective of end-users
  • Customized designing of user interface to provide best-of-the-class user experience
  • Integration testing and functionality testing
  • Maintenance of legacy application
  • Server and operating system migration
  • Application improvement
  • Performance monitoring
Rich Internet Application is an effective channel for improving business processes. It serves as a platform for distributing content and data in the form of images, graphics, text and video.

For developing rich internet applications we combine improved functionality with intuitive user interface to empower businesses. Our domain expertise enables us to develop rich internet applications for enterprises that assure high-level reliability and performance. Substantial benefits of the applications are

  • Provide interactive experience to users, without deviating from the business objective
  • Introduces more channels of user engagement
  • Simplify complex enterprise processes
  • Fast business processes
  • Regular maintenance ensures a consistent service all through
  • Automatic update to new version
  • Better satisfaction of the end-users
  • At par with the expectation of users and customers
  • Lower time-to-market
  • Full-featured maintenance
  • Reduces workload and traffic to the main server

We develop responsive and rich applications that provides a delightful experience to end users. RIA can be deployed across desktops and browsers and businesses could leverage its power. These applications assist in simplifying complex business processes on a single interface. It is robust in nature and can be accessed across different platforms.

Rich internet applications are integral to any enterprise. Our service provides leverage to businesses across different industries. It is our practice that sets us apart from the others.

  • Develop smart applications that focus on providing responsive and consistent solution
  • Extensive experience in particular domain and proficiency of resources help in developing Rich Internet Applications
  • Use of latest technology to develop applications that will add value to the business and help it to grow exponentially
  • Customized solutions that suit needs of diverse verticals
  • Integrate the applications to the business system and operations
  • Cross-functional teams that ensure end-to-end support

Our feature-rich enterprise application ensure better user engagement. The maintenance and support service ensures an uninterrupted operation that leads to high performance and growth of the business.