Enterprises depend on innovative solutions to streamline their operations and manage customer-related data. Enterprise solutions need to be flexible, easy to use and simple in implementation. We aim at providing businesses a scalable solution that is easy to manage and empowers the managers and staff with real-time information. Usually, these solutions deal with various databases, applications and advanced tools like data analytics. Our Enterprise IT Solutions help businesses in various domains like retail, logistic to bring about a digital transformation.

Scalability, high-performance, and robustness are three important features of our enterprise-level solutions. Better communication with staff and vendors, real-time customer data, coordination between various sales mediums, easy tracking, and monitoring of processes and fast response to market/customer demand help managers to take fast and informed business decisions.

The solutions are cost-effective and aim at driving the sale by optimum utilization of resources. Our unique and enterprise-level eCommerce solution is agile and flexible. Innovative features, unparalleled security, and data management help to sell, optimizes and scale up the business. As an experienced company that provides eCommerce Website Development Services, we help enterprises to create an online store, customize different features, integrate payment gateway, shipping solution and develop a responsive mobile app to manage the store.

With the introduction of every new customer touchpoint, business will need new improved functionality. Our Mobile CRM equips the enterprises with customer information. With a single dashboard, businesses can have a bird-eye view of the sales tunnel. Being one of the best Mobile CRM Service Providers we ensure that even the remote workers can access customer information. It helps to get an edge over competitors, improves the rate of lead conversion and reduces the cost of operation.

Enterprises are now integrating cloud- based enterprise solutions to expand operations and reinvent their potentials. Cloud solutions integrated into the existing systems help enterprise managers identify new ways of revenue growth. You can get real-time information about business processes with the cloud solution as it helps decision-makers to adapt with the changing customer expectation and business environment.

iMorphosis understands that each business domain is unique. Our solutions are customized based on the need of each business. Each of our Enterprise IT Solutions is developed based on industry best practices and clients’ requirements. The end-to-end approach streamlines process reduces the operational cost and boosts the revenue.

Enterprise B2B Solution

Simplify the order management process and provide a consistent experience to users.

Enterprise B2C Solution

Improve user-experience and personalize the operations with seamless processes.

Multichannel Management Solution

Manage multiple sales channel and get real-time insights to scale up your business.

Integrated Retail On Cloud

Empower retailers with an integrated cloud-based system from a single touch point.

Real Time Logistic On Cloud

Track the movement of consignment from shipping to delivery from a remote location.