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The success of a mobile app depends on its functionality, performance, and usability. These three factors differentiate a mobile app that sells and one that does not. If you notice, majority negative review of mobile apps highlight the concerns like poor performance, compatibility issues, poor user-experience, functional defects and battery drain. And, these result in … Continue reading “Complete Guide To Effective Mobile App Testing Services”

Jun 13,2017          Software Development          Be the first person to comment

Are you are a Local Cable Operator and Broadband service provider? There is a good news for you then! From now on, you do not need to maintain your subscriber details manually. Moreover, you can have your package plans set in a professional manner, get your customer complaints efficiently managed, deliver quick billing to your … Continue reading “Best Software Application Every Cable Operator Should Have”

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Digital Transformation is the buzzword now. Be it a panel discussion, a keynote presentation or a webinar, the message that transformation is inevitable is, in fact, resonating clear and loud if you’re to survive in this digital world. But only some people have wrapped their head around this buzzword. Most think that it predicts moving … Continue reading “9 Emerging Digital Transformation Trends of 2017”

Jun 02,2017          Outsourcing          One comment

Outsourcing: Defining the Term Outsourcing is the abbreviation for ‘outside resource using’. It is the method of hiring another company or individual, either internationally or domestically, for handling its business activities. This is a cost-effective practice that allows gaining skills and services, which is normally hard to develop either because of manpower or financial restrictions … Continue reading “IT Outsourcing Strategy: How to Know if It’s Right for You?”

May 31,2017          Mobile App Development          2 comments

Brands planning to establish their mobile presence prominent either consider mobile websites or mobile apps. There are different debates on the viability of mobile app vs mobile website. It is difficult to pit one against the other and derive a full-proof conclusion. Both are useful and have individual limitations. Few are of the opinion that … Continue reading “Mobile app vs Mobile website : Which is better?”