Social Media Promotion

Social media is a powerful tool that help brands to build their brand and drive sales. In the marketing scenario, it has added a new dimension as it influences the level of communication, engagement of customers, their perception and most importantly the purchase decision. Social media promotion has manifold benefits for businesses; they can leverage the social media platform to promote products and services and maintain their reputation in the powerful consumer-specific web domain. Be it B2B or B2C, businesses or brands need to rely on effective social media promotion services.

Almost 72 percent adults use different social media platforms. If businesses want to create a buzz for their products then nothing can be better than the social media networks. Since the online community is connected, a single “Like” or “Share” can do wonders for the business or brand. In comparison to traditional method of advertisement, social media promotion is cost-effective as it persuades and engages both new and existing customers. An all-around approach for social media service is essential for businesses to manage their social media campaigns and improve ROI.

Social Media Promotion service by iMorphosis guides businesses to kick-start their marketing activity and fulfill the goal based on a strategy. The need of each industry is different and we aim at a successful social media promotion relevant to the business.

Social Media Promotion plan and technique should be different for each company depending on the individual goal and budget. Each platform has its individual tools for promoting ads. We help businesses to explore these platforms, utilize the tools and connect with audiences. Research reveals that more than 80 percent online users spend their time on various social media platforms. Businesses can leverage from our end-to-end approach and extensive process of our service. Our process comprises of

  • Brand management- We create a social media account for the business, update content and maintain it to build a brand identity. Aim of brand management is to engage the customers and create a value for them.
  • Targeting- Finding the target audience and communicate about products or services to get fruitful results
  • Social tone- It is important for brands to set the correct social tone relevant to your niche. We help in determining the correct tone that will portray the brand exactly as you want it to be
  • Creation of viral content- Promote services or products through viral content is effective as it reaches out to millions of users. This is effective, especially for the large-scale social media campaigns.
  • Social Bookmarking- Sharing URL on the social bookmarking websites instead of content helps in improving the rank of a website and attract traffic to it.
  • Monitoring- An important part of this process is to monitor the promotional campaign.
  • Regular Analysis- Experts analyze both positive and negative responses about the company and take actions accordingly. We provide regular reports to our clients and take action on it.

We have formulated the strategy for Social Media Promotion based on careful research and best practices. Our fully-managed campaign guarantees to spread the word about your service or product in the online community.

Tapping in the potential of various social media platforms is important for the brands to engage with the customers. If brands are failing to do so, they might lose the opportunity to engage and retain customers. Social media platforms play a key role in improving the online image of the brand and our service intends to make social media marketing easy and result-oriented. Benefits of our services are

  • Improve brand recognition and loyalty
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Boost of inbound traffic
  • Lower the marketing cost
  • Growth in Search Engine Ranking
  • Opportunity to gain important customer insights
  • Build long-term relationship with customers
  • Humanize the brand voice
  • Better brand authority
  • Rich customer experience
  • More lead generation
  • Attract new customers and encourage repeat customers
  • Engage customers and better interaction with them

Your competitor might already be on the social media and garnering these benefits. Our service based on right strategy and customized plan will help you to reap these benefits, reach out to the target audience and business growth.

Connecting, engaging and interacting with customers are three main focus of our service. Our service aims at three important aspects- establishing the brand identity by connecting with the target audience, regular interaction with them and monetizing from the leads generated and sales. Businesses can leverage our social media promotion services as

  • We start our process with understanding present need of brands- based on analytics, we clarify needs, explore new opportunities and strategize for long-term success
  • A team of experienced social media experts who stay updated about the latest Google trends and plan the techniques, implement it and track the progress
  • Implement the best practices and time-tested methodologies relevant to your domain to yield positive results
  • The dedicated team assures a strong digital presence of your brand and a continuous two-way conversation between the brand and customers
  • Our plans, techniques of social media promotion are tailor-made specifically to meet domain requirement
  • We optimize the brand message and content as per the nuance of social media platform to build trust among customers
  • Use latest for measuring the success of a social media campaign
  • Trackable result to assess how the target customers engage with brands online

It is our comprehensive approach that helps our brands in establishing a long-lasting relationship with their target audience. Our promise is to establish brand presence and yield high revenue.