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Mention a brand name to someone and the next thing that the person will do is search it on the search engines. With more than one billion names searched each day, it can be expected that the targeted customers will surely search the name of your brand, online. On the online platform, anyone can communicate … Continue reading “Ultimate Guide to Online Reputation Management for Creating Brand”

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It’s Friday! But what makes it so great? Well, it is The Friday, July 22nd, 2016, the day that every ardent fan of Rajnikanth Sir had been waiting for. Yes, the much anticipated blockbuster Kabali by Thalaiva, hit the silver screen today. Rajni-fever is evident- many employers are providing free tickets of the film to … Continue reading “How Social Media help Movie to earn Billion like Rajinikanth Kabali”

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Much has been discussed about the importance of ‘Content Marketing’. Brands rely on content marketing to deliver message to audiences for increasing engagement, sales and awareness. But, now a new form of marketing is on the rise- ‘ Context Marketing ’. It is the science and art of conveying the relevant content to the correct … Continue reading “How To Plan Your Context Marketing For Maximal Engagement”

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You have crafted a perfect post for the business page of a social media network, proofread it, highlighted keywords, optimized the image, counted characters and did everything that makes it outstanding and engaging. Now, you have published the post and waiting for the clicks, likes, and comments. Sorry, the “Like” and “Share” numbers are much … Continue reading “Best Time to Post on Social Media for Enterprise”

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Starting up and running a small business (SME) is not easy! Even if you have the skill and knowledge, it takes a huge amount of time and push to give the obliged consideration regarding all parts of your business. You need to create a website, get leads, convert leads into clients, create products, and so … Continue reading “26 FREE WORDPRESS PLUGIN FOR MORE EFFECTIVE WEBSITE MARKETING”