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You worked hard to make your mobile app perfect and released it ready for download. You got a few downloads initially. A few of your customers who downloaded your app have even deleted it. Now everything seems to be quiet and so you seem to be worried. After all, no download means no money! So, … Continue reading “6 Proven Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail”

May 05,2017          Mobile App Development          One comment

It is a challenge to insist your target audience to download an app and use it regularly. Research findings reveal that almost 20 percent users download an app and use the app just once and there is 95 percent chance that they will abandon the app soon. The success depends on a combination of factors, … Continue reading “How to make Fascinating UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps in 2017”

Mar 30,2017          Outsourcing          One comment

Last year Forbes predicted remote hiring will be among the few leading workplace trends for 2017. Across the globe, employers are opting for remote hiring to reap the benefit of a flexible workforce. Remote workers are now an important part of any organization’s workforce. Huffington Post states that successful startups have embraced 100 % remote … Continue reading “Why Business should Hire Remote Workers & How to Overcome Challenges”

Mar 27,2017          Digital Marketing          2 comments

Brands always want a landing page that compels visitors to subscribe a newsletter, fill the registration form or make a purchase. Often, people confuse Landing Page with Home Page. But both are distinctly different. So, what is a Landing Page? It is the first web page that any visitor sees on clicking a promotional email, … Continue reading “Know How to make a Good Landing Page”

Mar 15,2017          Digital Marketing          Be the first person to comment

The marketers now have new technologies in their marketing arsenal to reach their targeted customers better. Often a digital marketing campaign is not enough to create a brand image and strengthen its identity. Marketers, nothing to worry- just add Influencer Marketing to your arsenal and see the difference! The recommendation does magic and approval or … Continue reading “An Influencer Marketing Guide for Launching a Powerful Campaign”