6 Proven Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

6 Proven Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail
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You worked hard to make your mobile app perfect and released it ready for download. You got a few downloads initially. A few of your customers who downloaded your app have even deleted it. Now everything seems to be quiet and so you seem to be worried. After all, no download means no money! So, what may be bothering you now is why customers aren’t using your mobile app. However, did you know that only 1/3rd of smartphone users download any mobile apps in an average month with most of them downloading only 1-3 apps, according to comScore

Why Mobile App Fails

Source: https://www.perfectomobile.com/

Given below are some reasons why mobile apps fail. Have a look at them and find out why your app doesn’t work.

  1. Target Audience Do Not Know About the App

Your customers might not know that your mobile app actually exists. And when they are not aware of any particular app, how can you expect them to download it? So, the first and foremost thing that you need to do, so that your customers use and download your app is actively spread the word about it. Create a campaign strategy for the launch and an ongoing promotion of your app to ensure that your customers know it’s out there.

  1. Improper Formatting

Your app may have great features but if it’s clunky and not well designed, your customers will not use it. Even if your users download it, they’ll delete it after some time. After all, improper formatting is one of the main reasons why mobile apps fail. So, make sure it’s formatting is optimal and the design is simple and user-friendly. Put important information right at the top of your home page and highlight all the big events that would grab the attention of your users. Whether it’s an image or a piece of text, make everything small and appropriately formatted to keep the app moving smoothly and quickly.

  1. Unimpressive UX

When people find purchasing from an app to be a time taking affair or a confusing one, they choose not to download it. So, if your customers aren’t downloading your app, it might be because of the unimpressive user experience. What you can do to increase your mobile app downloads is cut down on the number of clicks needed for purchase and research on how your customers’ prefer to search for your products. Doing a mobile performance testing is a wonderful idea as well. You can also add features like credit card scanner or Apple Pay to lessen purchase path friction helping a consumer decide whether to download the app or not.

  1. App Store Competition

App store discovery isn’t easy. On both Google Play Store and App Store , there are more than four million top business apps vying for attention. And no matter how well you’ve marked your app, you are still going to be dependent on the app-store-based search. This means if your app doesn’t rank high in app store listings, it’s likely that a user searching for an app like yours will go for your competitor instead. So, if your app is not visible, users won’t download it. Here are some great tips to rank your app on top of the app store listings:

  • Include popular and relevant keywords in the title and description. Don’t overuse them.
  • Ensure your title is relevant to the use and function of your app.
  • Keep the description simple yet optimized. Highlight the features of the app as well as the selling points. Cater heavily toward your target audience in the description.
  • Place screenshots that are important and make sure every image communicates your offering effectively.
  • Include positive reviews you think to be relevant.
  1. Negative Comments

When your customers have gone for shopping in the app store they might have found negative comments about your app and it may be due to this they have planned not to use it. In such a case, there is no need for you to hide the negative comments and post the praises only. Let them be online and visible. Just make sure to answer and solve the issues of everyone. This will allow people trust your brand and as a result, they will start downloading it.

  1. Absence of Reward System and Discounts

Reward system and discounts have become mobile app marketing best practices. So, you certainly need to give your customers these extra incentives. If you don’t, then your customers would turn to your competitors who offers amazing rewards and discounts and thereby download their apps. Give your existing users rewards for promoting the app to their friends or promote your app by offering it free for a short while. This is going to give you the boost in downloads.

So, now you know the reasons why mobile apps fail and why your customers aren’t using your mobile app. To increase your app downloads among users all you need to do first is find out why your mobile app has failed and then act accordingly keeping in mind the suggestions given above.