Jun 10,2016          Digital Commerce          One comment

Online-Offline Integration- A Partnership to Improve Customer Service and Boost Sales Yes, you had it right! Online-Offline Integration can co-exist and increase the market share. Traditional retail stores will not face extinction anytime soon, at least not with this trend. Physical stores will partner with the online counterparts to boost the customer service and improve … Continue reading “Online-Offline Integration in Retail: The Future of E-Commerce, compress the Online-Offline Gap”

Jun 02,2016          Digital Commerce          3 comments

Customer experience, consolidated data and unified process, are core to success for Digital Commerce ! No, this is not an overstatement. Multi-channel retailing or Omnichannel retailing is the Key. Now, consumers engage with businesses and communicate with brands through diversified sales channel like websites, online marketplaces and physical stores. Isolated customer information for different sales channels, prevent … Continue reading “Why Omnichannel Retailing Is the Secret to Success in Digital Commerce”