How to Choose Best Software Development Company in India for your Enterprise

How to Choose Best Software Development Company in India for your Enterprise
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So, you need enterprise solutions to streamline operations and automate! But, you cannot do it yourself and you have to hire the best software development company in India for it. Enterprise solutions are software applications that help to disseminate and retrieve critical data and real-time information critical to the managers and employers across the organization. These solutions integrate different facets of business with processes and database.

Enterprise level solutions are complex. A robust enterprise solution ensures operational efficiency and improved productivity. They should meet the dynamic business requirements. Usually, enterprise solutions comprise of simple and small mechanisms to solve problems effectively, automate processes and streamline operations. Organizations rely on enterprise solutions to optimize business operations and maximize benefits.

Enterprise solution encompasses of functionality specific to specific domains or verticals. Each enterprise and domain have diversified procedures and need. Designing a sophisticated and innovative enterprise solution with various functionalities to achieve business goals and objectives is challenging. Integrating data relevant to enterprises from different processes and locations is also difficult. So, it is wise to hire software development services.

Why Choose a Top Software Company in India

Experienced architects and developers will help in custom web application development. A custom software uses latest technology to meet the business requirement of enterprises. Long-term benefits of these applications attract enterprises. Any top software company in India will aim at designing applications for specific end-user. They have the ability to develop and handle enterprise systems.

There are various benefits of hiring service of any software development company in India to develop a high-quality application.

  • Experience of delivering specialized services
  • Predefined software development process and life cycle
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • On-time performance
  • Scalability

So, for developing a robust enterprise-class solution, it is important to hire the best software companies.

systems development life cycle (SDLC)

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Insight into Software Development Cycle

Software development is a complicated procedure and it requires planning, designing and testing. The development process is incomplete without QA testing, review and maintenance. A pre-determined software development methodology and lifecycle will facilitate the process. Software companies have a pre-defined Software Development Life Cycle, acronym as SDLC. It is a systematic approach or model that provides a framework for technical activities. Traditionally, SDLC comprises of five stages, but now it has increased to seven stages.

  1. Project Planning

    The first phase is to identify the need of enterprise solution and how it will achieve the business objectives. This is also termed as feasibility study. Preliminary planning is important to determine the infrastructure and determine the scope of the software and the problems it will address. In this stage, factors like resource, time, cost and benefits need to be considered.

  2. System analysis and requirement

    Businesses now need to reconsider the business problem and what the solution will address. They need to refine the goal of an enterprise solution. Most important consideration is functional requirement. Another important aspect of this phase is the analysis of end-users as how the enterprise solution will meet the user experience.

  3. System Designing

    This phase describes specifications about the software, operations and features that will fulfill the functional requirement of the enterprise software application. Business rules, screen layouts, process diagrams and documentation take the driving seat in this phase.

  4. Development or Integration

    In this fourth phase the software is programmed. Now it is all about the actual engineering. Software designers and developers write code and build a new system.

  5. Integration and Testing

    The fifth phase encompasses system integration and QA testing. The aim of this phase is to determine whether the product meets the proposed design that has been set in the first phase. QA testing identifies bugs, errors in a testing environment and fix those.

  6. Installation and Deployment

    This phase involves installing and deploying the newly-developed software. With deployment of the solution the production phase starts.

  7. Maintenance

    The final phase is about maintenance of the software that includes fine-tuning, boosting the performance and upgrading the system. This is a life-long process and paves way for future changes.

This is a step-by-step approach and none of the above-mentioned phase can be overlooked or passed by. Every software development company in India focuses on SDLC for building an effective and functional enterprise solution that will help businesses to improve productivity. SDLC ensures proper deployment of software. The intent of this life-cycle is to develop a high-quality and cost-effective software.

Tips to choose the best software development company in India

Now, the question lies how to choose the best software development company in India. There are many software firms that provide state-of-the-art enterprise solutions. It is wise to choose the best company, but it might turn out to be a tricky job. However, for the convenience of organizations or enterprises, below are the points or factors that will help in choosing the best software company.

  • Identify business need

    First identify the need of your business by evaluating the problem, analysis of expected solution and talking to your employees. This will help in outlining the solution that will fulfill the business objective. Based on the nature of enterprise solution and its requirement, you need to choose a software provider.

  • Technical Skill and Ability

    Know about the experience of team members, their skill, proficiency in the latest technologies and relevant domains. It is important to know the technology, methodology and processes the developers for developing enterprise solutions. Identify the experience of the development team in working with agile and hybrid methodologies. Other factors that you need to point out are- performance, adherence to deadlines and communication effectiveness.

  • Business Experience

    Acumen of the software company is a major determinant. Do they have experience of handling bespoke projects and develop custom application. The development team should have the expertise of understanding challenges of software development and how to avoid those.

  • Reputation of the company

    Prior to partnering with any software development company in India, it is important to know its reputation. Assess the scalability of their solution and flexibility of working in different atmospheres. Check the testimonial and review of customers on the website, social media and online discussion forums. It will show the response of clients and the client-developer relationship.

  • Communication

    An open and good communication is the foundation of a developer-client relationship. It is important that you have regular communication with your developer or software company. Developers need to have the proficiency of decoding your business requirement and design the software likewise. They need to listen to their clients and communicate as and when necessary.

  • Budget

    Cost is an important determinant for considering a software company. Ascertain whether the cost of software development will suit the budget. Be sure that the ROI will be more than the expenditure that you will incur. Look for the additional or hidden charges and support charges as these will add to overall expenditure.

  • Quality of service and after-sale support

    All software companies assure and guarantees maximum uptime. However, it is for sure that there is no perfect solution. In case, if anything goes wrong, make sure that the vendor company has provision of good maintenance, support and troubleshooting service.

These are proven ways of choosing a suitable and affordable company for developing scalable enterprise solution. To gain competitive advantage over others, it is important to choose the best vendor. Make sure that the software company passes the litmus test.

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