How do I Test Service Using Phone Verification Online?

A famous proverb says: “double check or you'll get it in the neck”. Testing a service is as crucial as its creation. How many times have you accessed a website or application and something was not working properly? If there are any failures this means that the website or application has not been tested properly.

If you care about your clients and want to present a smooth, easy and comfortable service, testing should not be omitted in any case!

Peculiarities of Service Testing

The main point of testing services is detection of all software errors and elaboration of recommendations to eliminate them in future. See the issues that can be solved thankfully to testing:

  • Does the service’s functionality meet asserted claims? This is so-called “black box testing”.
  • Will the service properly work on all devices that are popular among the clients? In other words, this is “compatibility testing”.
  • Will the service outride mass-usage? It is usually named “performance grading”.
  • Can unregistered users get access to the service? It is known as “safety testing”.
  • Does your service cover cultural and linguistic peculiarities of your target regions? “Localization testing”, to paraphrase.
  • Is your product aligned with all the necessary regulations and standards? “Conformance testing”, to be precise.

As you can see, there are many ways to test your service. Do not skip on them if you want to provide a high-quality service.

SMS Verification as a Way of Testing

If you want to ensure your clients that their data will not be disclosed to anyone else, you should conduct safety testing first. This means that you should check if someone that is not registered can access your service.

Besides, it is crucial to test if the authentication message that is needed to finish the registration comes in quickly (and if it is sent at all).

High protection level, fast speed and user-friendliness are features that everybody is looking for while choosing a service.

How to Test Services with SMS Verification?

Here is a short instruction on service testing.

  1. You need to find a reputable virtual directory provider that supports SMS.
  2. Register on their site and replenish your balance to be able to buy a virtual numb.
  3. Choose the desired country, number and service you are going to use it with.
  4. Start registration on your service’s site and enter your virtual mobile number for SMS verification.
  5. Check how fast the authentication message is delivered.

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